SOPA opera, a letter to Technology Giants.

In the first ‘all-in’ battle between Hollywood and New Technology, New Technology won hands down. In past days, Hollywood got a rude awakening. This is what happens when the new bigwigs in town get upset. Internet giants all rallied against SOPA, and with a clear message to the public "they are breaking the internet", they buried the anti-piracy bill within 24 Wikipedia-free hours. ”In excess of 160 Million people saw the banner on Wikipedia.” Thus spoke Wikipedia.
There is no doubt that SOPA was a clumsy bill. Allowing an IP owner to provide a “good faith belief” letter and force an internet platform to shut down a possibly infringing site without any court sign off is clearly not going to work. This is not how the Hive-Minded Internet is built. It is comically unenforceable.
However, world-wide copy right infringements need to be harnessed and eventually stopped. Piracy is affecting everyone.
Ticket sales of big budget Hollywood films may be up, but big budget films are not the whole industry.

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