ML Winter shoot. In Summer.

I love my job. I love all aspects of it.
A few weeks ago Israel's Channel 2 aired a documentary about models in which I participated. I didn't see the final show, but I heard from those who did see it that the producers had used my interview as a funny and ironic way to end the piece. From what I'm told, most of the gals interviewed were talking about how "hard" modelling was, and I used my (usual) comment and said, "Coal mining is hard. Modelling is not that hard. Everyone relax".

It worked really well for the piece, but lord Karma was not so happy with me.
Three days after the doco aired I was scheduled to shoot the ML winter catalog.
Winter clothes. In July. In Israel. On a farm. Outside. In the sun. OMG.
Anybody who's ever worked with me knows that I am pretty easy to work with. I'm grateful to be on set. I don't bitch, I don't complain, I love what I do and I am thankful to be able to do it. But oh my God - that day was tough... My amazing team was having a field day, quoting myself to me -  "It's not coal mining Noa!" As I was shvitzing an ocean under the wool sweaters, coats, hats, socks, boots, jeans, and scarves in 33C/91F blazing sun.
I have shot the opposite - summer clothes in winter before, and that's not quite the same. Wearing a swimsuit in the cold is easier than being fully covered in the heat. At least you're AWAKE and not about to pass out... I swear I saw a mirage of sorts. I think it was palm trees and a pool. Of ice.

In any event, I was laughing at myself, drank a lot of water and kept at it. The pictures came out great... So yet again, it was worth it.
I guess modeling can be hard, but bitching about it is like hearing someone bitch about being too thin or too famous. So I won't. Boo-fu#@ing-Hoo.
Enjoy the sweaty un-retouched pictures.

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