A Transformational Revolution.

I am reading the status updates, Tweets, interviews and articles.I read them and I DO believe what I read.
I believe what I read because I knew that we were changing, I just didn't realize the level of how powerfully inspiring and creatively driven the burst of change would be.
And since (or maybe because) I am not in Israel at the moment, I wanted to write a few words.
I read an article yesterday about the women behind the Social Revolution of Israel and my I had tears in my eyes. They were describing the "female power"; the receiving, listening, vulnerable and 'accepting of the other' aspect of this revolution. They talked about their refusal to fall into old patterns of violent and angry debate, and I understood how much this revolution is unlike anything else we've ever seen.
So how is this one different from the others?
Well, first it’s not just about the "what", its about the "how".
And the first "how"?  The Web of course.
Quicker than I can write 140 Characters, 1000 people got a Facebook update or a Tweet and decided to go to the massive demonstration tonight. This speed is unfathomable to offline people.
The second different 'how', is LOVE.
It is not a protest AGAINST something, it is a protest FOR something.
What they DO want, not what they DON'T want. And why is that?
Because some of us have indeed been to Goa, we studied a bit of Kabbalah, we read some Ray Kurzweil or Siddhartha, maybe we were just born a bit more tolerant and open to listening than the older generation  - or maybe we took a meditation class or two, and we understand that from negativity comes more negativity.
This protest is not just about yelling, these are the growing pains of a society.

And what do you call us? 'New Age'?
I am here to say a very simple thing - YES.
We ARE New Age. What? Do you prefer to be 'Old Age'?
Because if you feel like staying 'Old Age' and labeling me as 'New Age', then I am OK with that.
And while you comprehend that we will “Like“ your status and LOL it up, we'll ask you to RT us as we create a new Meme - and there you go. Half of you already lost me.
But the other half is cracking up laughing.
And I am not in Israel, but the people who have been living in tents around the country in the past month will keep smiling at each other, smoke a Hookah, participate in the free Yoga class which became available all over the country, debate peacefully and patiently among each other, play a song on the guitar and keep moving forward.
True, this revolution still doesn't have a clear leader, true there are no focused demands which can be achieved quickly, true we need to watch for anarchy but there is something completely different happening here.
My generation is never going to be the same again  - and it is not because of the actual political results we may or may not achieve at the end, but because of the WAY it has been done. All of this has been done with no leader, no centralized organization - but with Google Docs and Twitter. No one person who decides how it goes, but instead it’s a hive mind behind it - a community who decides together and creates our new reality as we go.

And this, my beloved readers, is not just a revolution.

It’s a transformation.

And it moves me to tears.



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