Some Gaza Flotilla facts before the anti-Israel story becomes the only reality.

So just before the dust settles completely and everyone remembers only the '9 dead by Israel' headline, I want to just mention a few facts and make a little point to consider.

As I have said before, I do not always support my government. In fact, there are currently a few ministers within it that I would prefer to see retire immediately, but Israel, with all the political and human rights errors it has done throughout the years, responded like any other democratic government would have reacted. I do not doubt the good intentions of most of the European peace activists on that flotilla and I understand their frustration, however, they might want to consider that they may have been a pawn in a much bigger game, and this game has been years in the making.

God bless you government of Turkey, but what are you doing?

Some pre-flotilla facts - 

1. The Turkish AK Party won the majority in parliament in July 22, 2007 and over three million secular Turks took to the streets and protested their ‘hidden Islamist agenda’.  Ever since, Turkey seems to have been looking for a comfy position to cuddle with Iran.

2. In May 2010 Turkey signed a deal to help Iran with it’s nuclear program, claiming that “new sanctions on Iran are unnecessary

3. Barry Rubin, the director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal writes  --

“They even have (in Turkey) local elections coming up on September 12 - (a) referendum will be held over constitutional amendments introduced by the government. If passed, these changes will give the government control over the court system, virtually the only remaining institution it hasn’t taken over. As one Turkish analyst wrote, “This would be the end of checks [and balances] and democracy.” This government finds the (Flotilla) crisis useful. “The current Turkish government hates Israel because it is an Islamist regime. Note who its friends are: it cares nothing for the Lebanese people, it only backs Hezbollah. It never has a kind word for the Palestinian Authority or Fatah, the Turkish government’s friend is Hamas”. 

When an Islamist regime is in power, it seems the first thing they can do is find any reason to create a friction between them and Israel.

Turkey, to make it clear to all of us non-politicians - is acting like a boyfriend who has already cheated on you, and is now just looking for an excuse to break up with you no matter what you do. 

Turkey’s PM Erdogan even used high school slang when talking about the Iran deal -  “The accord with Tehran was a diplomatic victory and those countries that criticize us are merely envious,”.  He actually used the word “Envious”? What is he, like a 13 year old tween from the valley?

So if “a hidden Islamist agenda” along with keeping a lucrative nuclear deal with Iran in place and changing the constitutional amendments to give control over the court system to YOU is your objective, what’s the best way to really unite your country in this new direction and show the Arab world that you're on their side and not a lapdog of the West?

This is mere speculation, but it would be horrible if Turkey was complicit in allowing some 40 martyrdom-seeking men armed with metal rods and knives, under the pretence of delivering 'aid', to board the Mavi-Marmara without undergoing the same security checks that the actual peace activists did, and then watch that ship deliberately charge a legal Israeli-Egyptian blockade of a terrorist stronghold, despite many, many warnings to stop, knowing full well that IDF commandos would have no option but to board the ship, and well - you know the rest. Yes, it would be horrible if that were the case...

And just one more post-flotilla fact to consider-

4. Nine days after this incident, on June 9th 2010, Turkey voted against UN sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program.

Do people that instantly denounced Israel, or people who are supporting the Free Gaza movement realize these facts? Do they see that a nuclear deal and the perceived Radical Islamist agenda of the Turkish government and their 'peace' flotilla might just be connected?

If you want to help the Palestinians - help Fatah, not Hamas.

I said it before and I will say it again. I am not an expert. I’m not a military specialist, or a politician. But as an Israeli, I have a picture of the Middle East from the inside, for it has been my reality my whole life. Us Israelis have lived through it so many times in the past and it occurs to us that surely everyone else must look at all of the facts as well.

But they don't.

In times like this when a conflict is erupting around my country and Israel suffers disproportional international rage and anti-Semitic outbursts, it puzzles me to realize yet again, that the facts don't sound as good as a catchy, one line, bad vs. good anti-Israel headline.

Peace peace peace pretty please.

To be continued,




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