Real life warriors and an evening that changed me.

A few nights ago I was invited to a small dinner at a friend’s house. It was an intimate gathering of a group of high-level individuals, all active in their communities in areas ranging from education to charity to Israel. Each person was asked to introduce themselves and share what it is that they are involved in. It was inspiring and a little bit intimidating to hear some of the achievements of those 20 or so individuals.  But it was when the main event started that we were really floored.

Present at the dinner were two women, Nonie Darwish and Wafa Sultan.

Wafa Sultan is a Syrian born and raised medical doctor and psychiatrist. She left Syria and moved to the US in 1989. Nonie Darwish is the daughter of Commander of the Egyptian Army Intelligence (The ‘Fedayeen’) in Gaza, who was killed by the Israeli Defense Forces in July 1956.

Both women have left their countries (Nonie also converted to Christianity) and are now the strongest

A Transformational Revolution.

I am reading the status updates, Tweets, interviews and articles.I read them and I DO believe what I read.
I believe what I read because I knew that we were changing, I just didn't realize the level of how powerfully inspiring and creatively driven the burst of change would be.
And since (or maybe because) I am not in Israel at the moment, I wanted to write a few words.
I read an article yesterday about the women behind the Social Revolution of Israel and my I had tears in my eyes. They were describing the "female power"; the receiving, listening, vulnerable and 'accepting of the other' aspect of this revolution. They talked about their refusal to fall into old patterns of violent and angry debate, and I understood how much this revolution is unlike anything else we've ever seen.
So how is this one different from the others?
Well, first it’s not just about the "what", its about the "how".
And the first "how"?  The Web of course.
Quicker than I can write 140 Characters, 1000 people got a Facebook

דברים שרואים מכאן וגם משם

אני קוראת את הסטטוסים, הטוויטים, הכתבות, הראיונות. קוראת - ומאמינה. מאמינה כי ידעתי שאנחנו משתנים, רק לא תארתי לעצמי באיזו עוצמה רכה יצירתית ומהממת זה יפרוץ החוצה. ולמרות ואולי בגלל שאני לא פיזית כרגע בארץ, ואני מרגישה כל כך קרובה רחוקה בו זמנית - רציתי לכתוב כמה מילים.
קראתי את הכתבה בידיעות על "נשות המהפכה" ועלו לי דמעות בעיניים. הן מדברות על הכוח "הנשי" הקשוב, הרך, המקבל את האחר של המהפכה הזאת. את הסרוב ליפול למקומות ישנים של אלימות והתלהמות והבנתי עד כמה המהפכה הזו באמת לא דומה לשום דבר אחר שראינו בעבר.
אז במה נשתנתה המהפכה הזו מכל המהפכות? ובכן, זה לא רק ה"מה" זה גם האיך. קודם כל - איך? ברשת כמובן. הלא בזמן שכתבתי "אש בשדה קוצים" עוד 1000 איש קיבלו פייסבוק אפדייט או טוויט על היום בערב והחליטו בסוף כן לבוא להפגנה. המהירות הזאת פשוט בלתי נתפסת למי שלא מחובר.
האיך השני הוא - אהבה. לא מוחים נגד אלא בעד. מה כן, לא מה לא. ולמה? כי חלקנו באמת היינו בגואה, למדנו קצת קבלה, קראנו אולי ריי קורצוויל או סידהרטה, אולי סתם נולדנו יותר קשובים מהדור הקודם ואולי עשינו איזה שעור מדיטציה אחד או שניים בחיים שלנו ואנחנו מבינים שמרע

The unnecessary drama of some Jewish Mammas.

One of my closest friends lives in Sydney, Australia. Let’s call her B.
B is a fine specimen of a gal. She is a former model and actress turned lawyer, which means she is hot AND smart. In addition to all of this, B is a fantastic girl; she’s nice, a good friend and one of those ‘girls you marry’ not ‘girls you sleep with and dump’.
In the ‘which character from Sex and the City are you’ game – she was always Charlotte.

A few months ago B found a lovely man. They started dating and it turned serious pretty quickly as they moved in together and begin to talk about the next steps. The boyfriend is Jewish. B was raised Catholic but she is pretty much ‘no religion’ in particular, as the Australian Catholic Church seems to have a fantastic way of scaring children away from its faith. Being my friend, B has been to Israel and loved it, and knowing the guy came from a Jewish family she was getting used to the thought of converting.
B started studying Judaism and loved it. She connected to the message (You

Some Gaza Flotilla facts before the anti-Israel story becomes the only reality.

So just before the dust settles completely and everyone remembers only the '9 dead by Israel' headline, I want to just mention a few facts and make a little point to consider.

As I have said before, I do not always support my government. In fact, there are currently a few ministers within it that I would prefer to see retire immediately, but Israel, with all the political and human rights errors it has done throughout the years, responded like any other democratic government would have reacted. I do not doubt the good intentions of most of the European peace activists on that flotilla and I understand their frustration, however, they might want to consider that they may have been a pawn in a much bigger game, and this game has been years in the making.

God bless you government of Turkey, but what are you doing?

Some pre-flotilla facts - 

1. The Turkish AK Party won the majority in parliament in July 22, 2007 and over three million secular Turks took to the streets and protested their ‘

Being a pro peace Israeli is a hard thing to do - but I'm doing it anyway.

I don't usually do this. I am not a politician nor am I a military or governmental official or an expert on such matters. I am just an Israeli citizen based in the US working all over the world, and as such I only have my personal opinions and my own point of view. As a voter, I am located to the moderate left of the political map. I was born and raised in Israel with real coexistence between Arabs and Israelis and a true faith that peace is right around the corner. I was taken to demonstrations against the Israeli occupation and visited my mother's Muslim friends around the country. I support a two state solution and the Palestinian's right for land, peace and prosperity. However, even as a lefty raised, peace loving, kumbaya singing eternally optimistic why-can't-we-all-just-get-along Israeli kinda gal - my nerves in the past ten years have been stretched super thin by the constant violence against my country.

I was devastated to learn of what had occurred on board the Flotilla to Gaza recently. People losing their lives is always a terrible outcome - in fact the worst possible

Summit Series DC 10 – How seven 25-year-old guys from DC are making a difference.

About a year and a half ago I got an email from the head of entertainment at Interview magazine telling me I need to talk to a guy by the name of Jeff Rosenthal, that he’s got an organization of young entrepreneurs and she thinks I would be a perfect fit for it. A couple of days later I got a call from a super enthusiastic guy who used the words ‘dude’ and ‘awesome’ way too many times and was trying to convince me that he and 6 of his other friends are working on the next big movement in Gen X and Y entrepreneurship. Naturally I thought he was he was on crack. However, he wouldn’t go away and at some point I decided to yield to his enthusiasm and reluctantly agreed to join the first event. I didn’t even know what I was committing to but I found myself at the LA train station (A train station?! In LA?) About to board the Tequila Patron train with 14 other women. The next 12 hours were fun and inspirational. I met a group of intelligent, passionate and successful women from all fields, publishing to medicine to arts, forward thinkers and supportive. I

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