May 2010

Moët and Chandon Sex And The City 2 party.

Last night I hosted a party and a pre screening of SATC2 with my good friends at Moët and Chandon. Unless it's award season or your own premiere, LA dress code is all about casual California and you can get away with a good pair of jeans and high heels even at the best restaurant in town. Not last night... everyone brought their A game... It was FAB!
I have an unfulfilled hat fetish and only got a chance to wear one at the Melbourne Cup races, so I figured when will I ever get a better time? Bring out - the fascinator.

It's not a hat, it's not a hairband, it's not a flower-in-the-hair. It's a piece of art. It's a feathers draped, hand made, glamed up yarmulka . It makes me feel like I live in the olden days of dress ups, petticoats and gloves. Like a proper Dashwood girl, but with equal rights, feminism and Samantha Jones as a legitimate role model in my society.

The party was so much fun, Moët is delightful and playing dress ups with my LA crew is always a thrill but the film.... Well..... Let me just say that the HBO series was better. WWWAAAYYYY better. There is only this much that I can tolorate fashion lines without any story lines. Or wrinkle liens.
Final word - if you're not a huge fan skip the film. If you are - grab the girls and dress up, you might even enjoy it.

Thank you Julia Fitzroy, Brad Goreski, Paula Miranda and Douglas Little for a great night!


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Summit Series DC 10 – How seven 25-year-old guys from DC are making a difference.

About a year and a half ago I got an email from the head of entertainment at Interview magazine telling me I need to talk to a guy by the name of Jeff Rosenthal, that he’s got an organization of young entrepreneurs and she thinks I would be a perfect fit for it. A couple of days later I got a call from a super enthusiastic guy who used the words ‘dude’ and ‘awesome’ way too many times and was trying to convince me that he and 6 of his other friends are working on the next big movement in Gen X and Y entrepreneurship. Naturally I thought he was he was on crack. However, he wouldn’t go away and at some point I decided to yield to his enthusiasm and reluctantly agreed to join the first event. I didn’t even know what I was committing to but I found myself at the LA train station (A train station?! In LA?) About to board the Tequila Patron train with 14 other women. The next 12 hours were fun and inspirational. I met a group of intelligent, passionate and successful women from all fields, publishing to medicine to arts, forward thinkers and supportive. I accepted an invitation to come to NY for The Summit Series Clinton Foundation event at Russell Simmons’s house and soon after I went to the Summit Series weekend Conference in Miami, which left me completely blown away. Apparently, The Summit boys’ enthusiasm is not only contagious to me, it works on almost everyone.

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In Treatment Awards and nominations

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