In her homeland of Israel, Noa Tishby’s name is synonymous with stardom. An actress and a producer, Tishby got her first big break at 16 playing the lead in the hit original musical KING DAVID for which she won national recognition.

 She got a full drama scholarship with the Tel Aviv National Museum of Arts and went on to play the lead in the nation’s highest rated prime time drama RAMAT AVIV. Noa became a household name and appeared in numerous TV shows and films, among them the critically acclaimed FIVE MINUTES WALKING.  Her album NONA was the first English-speaking album released by an Israeli artist and also the first to hit number 1 on the nation’s top-selling album charts.  The album was also released in Japan by Virgin records.  She won critic’s hearts playing “Anita” in the Israeli National Theater production of WEST SIDE STORY.  

 Tishby's image adorns billboards, entertainment and fashion magazine covers across Israel and Europe. Consistently on the ‘Sexiest women in Israel’ list, Tishby was voted “Sexiest woman alive” in 2007 and was the cover girl for “2012 Sexiest Women in the World” edition.

 In the United States, Noa Tishby has appeared in the films GHOST OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST and THE ISLAND with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson for director Michael Bay. She also landed leading roles in the indie films FATWA, and CONNECTING DOTS which film that won the first prize in The NY and LA Independent film festivals. Some of her Television credits include – BIG LOVE, NCIS, LEVERAGE, CSI:MIAMI, CSI:NY, NIP/TUCK, LAS VEGAS and STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE.

 Noa recently completed filming the lead role in a new and groundbreaking Israeli television drama titled 2.3 TIMES A WEEK.


 As a producer, Tishby made history with the sale of “IN TREATMENT” to HBO, as the first Israeli television show to become an American series.

 Tishby serves as co-executive producer alongside Mark Wahlberg. Gabriel Byrne and Dianne Weist star in this twelve Emmy and Golden Globe nominated and Peabody Award winning drama. Ultimately, by selling “IN TREATMENT”, Tishby created an industry in America where one did not exist before: Israeli entertainment content in the US market.

 Tishby recently set up two additional television shows in the US. Her company, “Noa’s Arc Productions”, owns the rights and is developing numerous television, film and theater projects from Israel and the world.


 Politically savvy and passionate, Tishby is committed to making a difference in Middle East perception. In 2011 she founded the non-profit organization Act For Israel, which is currently Israel’s number one organization for online advocacy and rapid responds. She is a Member of AIPAC and has traveled to Washington DC to lobby on Capitol Hill. Noa is also a member of “Summit Series” organization for young entrepreneurs, The Israeli Consulate Speakers Bureau, a member of the ILC (Israeli Leadership Council) and is a mentor for Women In Film.

 Tishby served in the Israeli army for two and a half years and can, if needed and if pushed to do it, wield any weapon like she means it and kick some serious A$@, though she chooses not to do that so much these days. (Just checking to see if anyone is still reading this Megillah. But seriously, she can actually do that. So don’t test her).